Bootcamp Dog Tags is a site specifically designed for people who run Bootcamp programs. If you want a unique award for your recruits then we can provide any number of personalised tags with speedy dispatch at wholesale prices. Please contact us for a quote.

100% Authentic U.S. Army Bootcamp Dog Tags personalised with your own info in 2022!

All for just $29.95 plus $6.00 registered P&H

What you get with your order:

 2 x Dog Tag personalised with your own Bootcamp details(name,date etc)

 2 x Coloured Silencers of your choice

 1 x 68cm (27") stainless steel chain

 1 x 14cm (5 1/2") stainless steel chain

1 x BLACK metal storage tin

All for just $29.95 plus $10 Express P&H

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Additional Options

This website only accepts credit card payments using PAYPAL but if you prefer to pay using either internet banking or money order just email us for our details and we will happily send them to you!


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